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Well, I just started the process of getting back on my Blog. The website is called so I should be posting all things Brandon Diaz related. This use to be nothing but financial stuff, but this page will represent much more than that. I have noticed that I like being on camera and don't mind it. The editing of videos can be difficult and too much for me. This seems easier. I can just free flow whatever I want.

Back to being married.

Isn't she beautiful? I know she is. I had to change the name to Johana Diaz.

She has helped me build my business. This was a business partnership at the beginning and turned into someone that became a great friend and companion. She is a passionate woman and working together does create some challenges but all and all she is a rockstar.

She understands how to build relationships with people. I have seen her get deals after deals that I couldn't get due to this.

We did a month honeymoon after that. Well, it was like 22 days or something like that. I recommend it. We had a blast going to Disney, Miami Beach, and San Juan Puerto Rico.


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